How to enjoy a sporting Christmas in Durban


With the England v South Africa Test Match taking place in Durban on Boxing Day, find out where to watch the cricket and what other sporting activities you can enjoy in Durban over the holidays.


30th November 2018

The Oyster Box

South Africa is a nation that loves its sports, and with fantastic weather, acres of space and excellent facilities, it’s a passion that’s often indulged. From playing golf and watching rugby to mountain biking and scuba diving, there’s no shortage of activities that harness the country’s favourite pastimes. Sporting guests staying at Red Carnation Hotels’ The Oyster Box in Durban are spoilt for choice this festive season, with South Africa’s cricket team playing an International Test Match against Pakistan on Boxing Day. Allowing plenty of time to watch the match, here’s how sports enthusiasts can enjoy Christmas in Durban.

Christmas in Durban

Catch the cricket at The Lighthouse Bar

Pull up a bar stool and sip on something cold and refreshing at The Lighthouse Bar on 26th December, as South Africa’s cricket team takes on Pakistan in an International Test Match. A lively atmosphere is guaranteed, as Durban’s cricket fans congregate at this favourite local watering hole to watch the match. For a breath of fresh air, keep one eye on the action and another on the panoramic vistas of the Indian Ocean from the balmy outdoor terrace.

Play a picturesque round of golf

Golfers spending Christmas in Durban can marvel at the city’s beautifully appointed historic clubs. Founded in the 19th century, The Royal Durban Golf Club was granted permission to use the prefix ‘Royal’ by King George V in 1932. Special golf days and seasonal events are arranged here year-round, or pop in for a peaceful early morning tee-off during the festive season. For a more challenging course that sprawls out towards the sea, visit the Durban Country Club’s beautiful Beachwood Course.

Christmas in Durban

Discover underwater Durban

Whether swimming with reef sharks or exploring time-forgotten underwater wrecks, a scuba diving adventure guarantees an unforgettable Christmas in Durban. Introductory Bubble Maker courses are perfect for less confident younger swimmers, while more intrepid explorers can take to the water for a deep dive into the Indian Ocean’s mysterious currents. Aqua Wild Africa offers a great range of excursions for all ages.

Glide out on the ice

Trade Durban’s toasty Christmas temperatures for the cool confines of the Galleria Ice Rink, half an hour along the coast from Umhlanga. The glittering practice ground for the DurbaKnights Ice Hockey team, all ages and abilities are welcome to take to the ice on Sundays from 7.30-9.30am. Whether pirouetting like a pro across the ice or just learning the ropes, the laid-back atmosphere makes this a fun, family-friendly morning out.

Christmas in Durban

Meet Santa on a mountain bike

Veer off from the coast into higher terrain on the various mountain bike trails that loop behind Durban’s beautiful coast line. Circumnavigate lakes and venture into thick pine forests at Sugar Rush Park or breeze around the verdant heights of Giba Gorge Mountain Bike and Adventure Park. There are routes to suit all levels and plenty of bikes for hire. Don’t miss Father Christmas, who’s swooping in on a sleigh hauled by huskies on 25th November.

Experience an action-packed Christmas in Durban – and watch the cricket! – while staying at Red Carnation Hotels’ The Oyster Box.

Image credits: lead image © iStock/ultramarinfoto. Cricket equipment © iStock/PeopleImages. Golf © iStock/Tinpixels. Ice hockey © iStock/LuckyBusiness. 

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