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The Perfect Finish

Face and Eyes, Waxing and Sugaring treatments can only be booked from Monday to Thursday, unless accompanied by another treatment.

Hands and Feet

The Spa at The Oyster Box - Treatment menu

OPI Signature Manicure or Signature Pedicure
Price: R 620 per person
Time: 60 minutes

OPI Signature Gent’s Manli cure or Signature Gent’s Sole Therapy 
Price: R 595 per person
Time: 60 minutes

OPI Pamper Manicure or Pamper Pedicure
(Anti-Ageing Deluxe Facial for hands or feet) – includes callus softening
Price: R 705 per person
Time: 60 minutes

OPI Gel Manicure or OPI Gel Pedicure
Price: R 705 per person
Time: 75 minutes

OPI re-varnish
Price: R 190 per person
Time: 20 minutes

Gel soak-off
Price: R 180 per person
Time: 20 minutes

Face & Eyes

The Spa at The Oyster Box - Treatment menu

Facial Threading/Wax (lip and chin)
Price: R 175

Facial Threading/Wax (lip or chin) R 115
Price: R 115

Facial Threading/Wax (lip, chin and eyebrow)
Price: R 285

Full Face Threading
Price: R 410

Eyebrow Shaping/Threading/Wax
Price: R 145

Eyebrow Tint
Price: R 145

Eyelash Tint
Price: R 145

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
Price: R 245


Treatment Menu at The Spa at The Oyster Box

Half Leg Sugaring
Price: R 335

Full Leg Sugaring
Price: R 485

Three Quarter Leg
Price: R 385

Bikini Sugaring (sides)
Price: R 330

Brazilian Sugaring (g-string)
Price: R 420

Hollywood Sugaring (full)
Price: R 510

Full Back Sugaring
Price: R 620

Full Arm Sugaring
Price: R 340

Under Arm Sugaring
Price: R 225

Full Face Sugaring
Price: R 410

Facial Sugaring (lip or chin)
Price: R 115

Facial Sugaring (lip and chin)
Price: R 175

Facial Sugaring (lip, chin and eyebrows)
Price: R 285

Eyebrow Sugaring
Price: R 145


Spa Treatments - The Spa at The Twelve Apostles, Cape Town

Half Leg Wax
Price: R 295

Full Leg Wax
Price: R 450

Three Quarter Leg Wax
Price: R 340

Bikini Wax (sides)
Price: R 295

Brazilian Wax (g-string)
Price: R 400

Hollywood Wax (full)
Price: R 485

Full Back Wax
Price: R 600

Full Arm Wax
Price: R 335

Under Arm Wax
Price: R 200


Treatment time includes consultation
and welcoming foot ritual.
All prices are in South African Rand (ZAR)

Standard Menu

1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019

Spa Etiquette

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